Viewing with Entity Data

Viewing Entity data is one of the major advantages of BroadbandHub. Using a modern design, BroadbandHub has optimized the process to make the information easier to view and understand. This page will help you locate specific Applicants and navigate their details page to streamline your data collection.

Finding the Entity Page

The first step is to locate the Entity that you’re looking for. You can do this by using BroadbandHub’s Applicant search menu.

Search Instructions

  1. Click on the Applicant search on the left-hand side of the page or open it using /
  2. Search for the Applicant by name
  3. Click on the desired entity

Finding the Entity

The search function will display a list of entities that best suit the search query. The list displays important information to allow for quick viewing and selection. Click on the entity you wish to research.

The Entity Page is the optimal place to view the information about an entity or applicant. Depending on the type of entity there are a different number of tabs. All entity types have a Basic Information tab and an Entities tab.

Basic Information

The Basic Information tab is the place to view the information about the entity.

Basic Information Contains:

Form 470s

This tab organizes the entity’s past Form 470s by year. Click View a form to go to its Form 470 Details page.

Form 471s

See also: View Entity 471 History

This tab organizes the entity’s past Form 471s by year. Click on a form to view its information in a drop-down. Click View FRN Details to go to its FRN Details page.


The Entities page is the place to see the other entities associated with the main Entity, such as their child entities.


This tab lists the contacts that are given in the Form 470 and 471 that have been submitted by the entity.

C2 Budget

This page shows the budget information about the entity. The page breaks down the funding into various categories and provides useful graphics to be able to quickly understand the entity’s budget. There is a graph that helps better demonstrate the different ways that the money is being processed or used. Under the graphs, there is a Funding Disbursement Timeline that contains a timeline of the entity’s past FRNs and their progress of funding.