Using the Document Locker

The Document Locker is the place to store important information related to your Form 470, Form 471, and Entities. It can also be a place to store important documents related to your entities or contracts, such as compliance documents. The BroadbandHub Document Locker has important features apart from keeping your documents stored. It is also possible to share the documents to other BroadbandHub users, mark them as important, copy them, and download them in the future when you need them.

You may navigate through the Document Locker by double-clicking on a folder to open it. Each page has the folders listed on the top and all other documents listed below. Hovering over a folder or file will display an options menu button on the right of the item. Clicking this button opens the menu that has various options: Download, View details, Share, Move to, Add to Starred, Rename, Make a copy, and Delete. For more information on each of these options, see File Functions below. The BroadbandHub Document Locker does not currently support editing files.

Managing the Document Locker

The BroadbandHub Document Locker is made to upload, keep, and manage files. This section will explain how to upload files and create folders, two of the most important parts of the Document Locker.

Upload Files

There are two main ways to upload files to the document locker:

  1. Drag and drop
  2. Upload File button in the menu drop-down of the current folder

You can upload one or multiple files by dragging them straight onto the page and dropping them, which will then upload them to the folder you are currently viewing. Alternatively, clicking on the current folder’s drop-down near the top of the page will display an option titled Upload file. Clicking this option openes your system’s file explorer, allowing you to select one file to upload. Click Open and the file will be uploaded to the folder you are currently viewing.


Underneath the page-title Document Locker, there is a folder path listed, starting with My Locker. Navigate into folders by double-clicking them on the main document view. Clicking on the current folder in the folder path produces a drop-down menu allowing you to either create a New Folder or Upload a file. To see more about uploading files, see the section above titled Upload Files. To create a new folder, click New folder and create the folder’s name. Click Create and the folder will be created in your current directory.

Understanding the Document Locker

The Document Locker is displayed in a list-format to easily display all of the files in the current folder. The top of the page contains the page’s title, Document Locker, and the folder path that you are viewing. Clicking on previous folders will direct you to those folders. Clicking on the current folder will create a menu drop-down with options to create a New folder or Upload file. See the sections Folders and Upload Files above for more information.

The document list is displayed in a table-list format, with various columns to display the most important information. On the leftmost side there is the icon displaying the type of file, whether it be a folder, document, kml, xls, or other supported file types. Next is the name given to it by the user. In the middle is the timestamp of when the document was uploaded to the BroadbandHub Document Locker system. Next is the size of the file saved, with the optional Starred value next to it. Hovering over an item in this list will display the button to open an options menu, which is explained below in the File Functions section.

File Functions

Files and Folders have functions that allow you to manage your Document Locker. This section explains all of the functions and their uses.


You can download files (not folders) by clicking the download button. This will download it to your system’s default downloads folder, where you may access it and edit it.

View Details

View Details opens a menu on the right-hand side of the screen with details about the file in the BroadbandHub Document Locker. These details include the file size, upload date, the file’s owner, and shared users.


Share is the way to quickly and easily share the file with other BroadbandHub users in your Connections. Clicking Share opens a Share menu, where you can search for users in your connections and add them to the file. This will allow these shared users to see and download the file.

Move to

Move to is the way to change a file’s location in the Document Locker system. Use this to move the file to another folder, for better organization. Move to will open a menu to select the new location for the file and the file will be moved to that folder location.

Add to Starred

Starred is a quick way to mark files as important. Simply star a file/folder to see a star next to the file/folder on the list, allowing you to easily see the most important files in the folder. Click again to remove the Star.


Rename the file/folder through this option. Clicking this will open a Rename menu, where you can edit and save the new name.

Make a copy

This creates a copy of the file in the same folder location. Use this to create copies of files to store in different folders.


Removes the file/folder from the BroadbandHub Document Locker. Do not use this option for important files or folders. If you are not the file/folder’s owner, this option will simply remove you from the shared users list and will require the file’s owner to share it with you. Clicking this will open a dialog explaining the warnings of removing a file, requiring you to click Remove to fully delete the file/folder. DO NOT USE for important information that you do not want to delete.
WARNING: This will remove the file/folder!