Using the Connections Feature

Connections has turned BroadbandHub social! Connect with your coworkers and even with people from other organizations. In order to access the Connections and Chat features, you must be connected to an Organization.

Connect with your Organization

Through BroadbandHub’s organization network, you are automatically connected with all users that are registered to your organization. This makes it easy to quickly share BroadbandHub pages to your coworkers.

Connected Users

The Connected Users tab displays a list of all your connected users. By default, only users in your organization are displayed. BroadbandHub users from other organizations are also visible here once they are added as a connection. To add a connection, view the Search tab explanation below. Here in the Connected Users tab you can view your connections’ account information, including their picture, name, email, and organization. Click the Chat button to open a private chat with that user.

Connections Card Example

Remove Connections

You can only remove connections of users not in your organization. To remove connections of users not in your organization, simply click on the menu on the top-right of the user’s profile and click Remove Connection.

Remove Connections Example


The Requests tab shows all pending Connections requests. This is where you can accept or reject Connections requests that are sent to you from people outside of your organization. You also are able to cancel outgoing connections requests.

The Search tab is a way to search for people outside of your organization and add them as a Connection. In the search bar, simply search for a BroadbandHub user’s name, email, or organization to view all relevant users. Click the Connect button to send a Connection Request. They will need to go to the Requests tab and accept the request in order to begin using Connections features, such as Chat.