Using 471 Search

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Learning to use the Form 471 search page is important to quickly find the desired data. BroadbandHub comes equipped with many search filters that make it easy to quickly find the documents that you want. You can set custom one-time filters or create and save search templates and regions that will allow you to do the same searches effortlessly over time.

Using the Form 471 Data Search Page

The first step is to locate the 471 Form that you’re looking for. You can do this by using BroadbandHub’s 471 Data search page. This page has many filters allowing for quick location of the desired forms. BroadbandHub also comes equiped with Region and Template features, allowing a user to save their preferences for future searches.

Search Instructions

  1. Click on the 471 search tab on the left-hand side of the page
  2. Search for a Form 471 by applying filters
    • Entity Name/Number
    • App/FRN Number
    • Consultant Name/Number
    • Service provider Name/Number
    • Funding years: Select the years of the form
    • Funding Status: Select filters for the status of the Form 471
      • Pending
      • Funded
      • Denied
      • Cancelled
    • Category of service: Select the type of service asked by the form.
      • Category 1
      • Category 2
    • States: Limit the search to forms from specific states
    • Dates: Enter date ranges for various fields of the form
      • Award Date
      • Extended Expiration Date
      • Service Delivery Deadline
      • Service Start Date
      • Contract Expiration Date
      • Actual Start Date
      • Last Date to Invoice
      • FCDL Letter Date
      • User-generated FCDL Date
      • Revised RCDL Date
      • Last Modified Timestamp
    • Wave Number
    • Function type
    • Product Type
    • Purpose type
    • Special construction
    • ECF
    • Order By: Personalize the order in which forms appear
  3. Click on the desired form to view its basic information in a drop-down

Finding the Form 471
After applying filters, the search function will display a list of Form 471s that best suit the filters. The list displays important information to allow for quick viewing and selection.

Look for the desired form and click on it to view its basic information in a drop-down. This drop-down displays the most important information for quick in-search viewing, saving time and effort to view key information. The information displayed is as follows:

To view the FRN Details page for even more information, click on the View FRN Details link at the bottom-left of the drop-down.

Search by Region

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Search by Template

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