My Applicants

The personalized My Applicants and lists are some of the most useful features offered through BroadbandHub. The My Applicants page allows you to view saved lists of Entities, Form 470s, and Form 471s. This allows you to easily keep track of applicants, Form 470s, and Form 471s.

The My Applicants list is pre-populated with information imported from USAC with your associated Applicants. You can add more applicants and forms to these lists.

View different lists by clicking between their tabs at the top of the page.

While using the application, you can save pages of interest by clicking on the "Add to List" button in the upper-right hand corner of the page. Clicking this button allows you to add the entity or form to a previously-made list or create a new list which will then be displayed on your Dashboard. This makes it easy to follow and return to pages of interest.

Click “View” on a list item to go to its details page.

New List

Create new lists on the New List tab. Enter a name and select a theme color for the List to better personalize the data. Optionally, enter a List description. Click “Submit”.

Create New List Example

Delete a List

In the upper-right corner of each List, there is an options menu. Click on the dots to see the menu, containing the “Delete List” option. Click it and delete the list.

Delete List Example