Creating Templates

Templates are a great way to easily filter your searches. The Form 470 search and Form 471 search both feature the Template feature. Templates allow you to declare which fields you’re interested in researching and limit your searches to prevent unncessary data from cluttering search results. Templates are saved to your account to allow you to quickly search the same queries every time. If you create a search that you enjoy, you can quickly save that search as a search template by clicking the “+” at the top of the screen and giving it a name. You can also share templates with users in your organization through the click of a button.

Creating the Template

1. Select Form 470 Search or Form 471 Search from the sidebar

2. Select the search filters that you desire to save to your search template

Create Search Template Example

3. On the top-right of the page, click the + button to save the current search filters as a template

Create Search Template Example

4. Give the template a name and select whether or not to make it visible to your organization

5. Click “Save”