Creating Regions

Regions are a great way to easily filter your searches. Regions allow you to declare which states you’re interested in researching and then Regions limit your searches to those states. This prevents unncessary data from cluttering search results. Regions are saved to your account to allow you to quickly search the same queries.

2. Click on the search filter titled “State”

Regions Example

3. Select all the states you want to include in the region

Regions Chat Example

4. Select “Save as new region” at the bottom of the pop-up

Regions Chat Example

5. Give the region a name and select whether or not to make it visible to your organization

6. Click “Save”

Managing Regions

You may also manage your regions in order to configure them how you desire. The two main features in Manage Regions are the duplicate feature and the delete feature. You may duplicate regions in order to give them a different name, or to save a coworker in your organization’s region to your personal region list. You may also remove the region, note that if the region is shared with your organization, it will be deleted from every user in the organization.

Regions Manage Example