Create an Account

Getting Started

  1. Open Broadband Hub.
  2. If you already have a BroadbandHub account, select “Go To Dashboard.” If you wish to create a new account, make sure you are logged out. Then, click “Get Started.”
  3. Sign in with your Email, Google, or Microsoft account.

Choosing an Organization Setup

If you wish to join an organization:

If you wish to create an organization:

Account Setup

Follow the prompts to determine your platform.

  1. Select your organization type. If your answer to this is “other,” follow the prompts to contact us so we can better assist you!
  2. Enter in your identifiction.
    • For an applicant, enter your billed entity number (BEN).
    • For a consultant, enter your consultant registration number (CRN).
    • For a service provider,

Verify that your information is correct!

  1. Continue to your E-rate dashboard.